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The Alhambra Collection of Contemporary Spanish Guitar Music began in 2012 as an integrated creative project from the Alhambra International Guitar Competition.
It is published in collaboration with Piles publisher which it has already titles by José Manuel López López, David del Puerto, Emilio Calandín and Juan de Dios García and it is associated with the Laureate Series recordings by Naxos.
Manufacturas Alhambra bets for new Spanish creations, innovation and research. Manufacturas Alhambra not only wish to build the best instruments but to support and strengthen those areas in which the guitar is the essential element, such as the interpretation or the composition.
We aim to create a high level collection which is an international benchmark of musical quality where we will present our great names of today's guitar, who, too, with their daily artistic work, create culture, dreams and illusions which  make even bigger our beloved Spanish guitar and universal.