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Results Alhambra Scholarships 2020/21


Results Alhambra Scholarships 2020/21

Alhambra Guitars is pleased to announce the registration of 150 applications, from over 40 different countries, in this first call of the International Alhambra Scholarships 2020/21.

Our main objective is to promote the study of the classical guitar and there is nothing better than doing so by supporting future generations of guitarists.

Alhambra Guitars continues its commitment to young people and adds the necessary efforts to extend the diffusion and impulse in favour of classical guitar students.

Below is the list of those who have been awarded the scholarship.

Congratulations to all of you for having participated and next year there will be a new opportunity.

Alhambra Guitars.


Nombre/Name Beca/Scholarship País/Country
Alberto Carsi Segrera A España/Spain
Sofia Sisinno Polanco A España/Spain
Tarek Sangüesa El Housain A España/Spain
Romy Díaz Bernal A España/Spain
Akos Bari A Hungría/Hungary
Josip Stilinovic A Croacia
Yaël Mohand A Francia/France
Andrea Fernández González A España/Spain
Rafael Mendez Varela A España/Spain
José Antonio Martín Mora A España/Spain
Alejandro Fernández de Castro Urries B España/Spain
Ashton Hunt B Reino Unido /UK
Helena Díaz Alcón B España/Spain
Nikolaj Kuznetsov B Alemania/Germany
Antonio Niño Hernández B España/Spain
Madeline Hunt B Reino Unido /UK
Ruben Matos B Portugal
Manuel Vedris B Croacia
Celia Prieto Delgado B España/Spain
Daniel Rodríguez Carrizo B España/Spain
Émilie Fend C Alemania/Germany
Bowen Zheng C USA