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Opening for scholarships aimed at guitar students.

Alhambra Scholarship Program 2021/22


          The aim of these scholarships is to encourage the study of the Spanish classical guitar, as a way of contributing to the development of this cultural activity. Therefore, there is nothing better than  doing so by supporting future guitarists.

         Alhambra Guitars is aware of the important contribution that can make to the new generations of young guitarists with the announcement of these grants. For this reason, Alhambra Guitars continues investing in young people and adds the necessary efforts to extend the diffusion and  impulse in favour of classical guitar students.

         Working for a greater recognition and support of their artistic trajectories has   been and will be one of their greatest commitments. Proof of this is the Alhambra Junior International Guitar Competition, which encourages young    people and the support of the winners of the last   editions of the Alhambra International  Guitar Competition CIGA and together with other high level  guitarists, they are part of that great "Alhambra Family" that we want to take care of and expand every day.

         In this sense and with this purpose, that is to say, with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the effort of young students, Alhambra offers these Scholarships to help them in the study of this great instrument during the course 2021-22.