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CIGA 2022 Rules



From 8th June to 11th June 2022





1.The competition will take place in Valencia from 8th June to 11th June 2022. Open competition for all guitarists, younger than 36 years old on June 8th 2022, irrespective of nationality, excluding previous 1st prize winners of this event.

2. The deadline for application is on 29th April 2022 at 23.59 CET.

3. The jury is made up of prestigious personalities from the guitar world. The jury is empowered to interrupt the contestant’s performance.

4. The pieces must be played by heart, except the work, El manantial by Lorenzo Palomo (Final Round) and may not be repeated in any other round.

5. Performances may be recorded or spread through any technical support, including social networks and Alhambra’s websites. Contestants authorize this data processing and renounce to any right related to this subject.


6. The Competition will consist of three rounds: Eliminatory round (on line), Semifinal and Final.


- Eliminatory round: contestants must send a video online before April 29th 2022, publication of results will be on May 9th.

- Semifinal and Final round: Both will take place on 9th and 10th June, respectively at José Roca Hall at Conservatorio Municipal de Música José Iturbi placed at Avenida de Baleares nº 36, in Valencia.

- The Closing and Prize-Giving Ceremony will take place on 11th June at Salón de Actos del Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia (Plaza del Ayuntamiento, nº 18). The schedule will be determined at that moment.


7. On June 8th at 6.30 pm, the contestants must be present at José Roca hall at Conservatorio Municipal de Música José Iturbi in Valencia, where the Open Ceremony and the public draw will take place to determine the order of appearance of the contestants which will be kept during the whole competition.

Contestants must submit their passport or national identity document. Attendance to the draw is compulsory. If the contestant is not present at the draw at the fixed hour by the organization, the contestant will be excluded.


8. FIRST ROUND (Eliminatory): it will be held ON LINE.

The contestant, at the time of fill in the application document via web form,  www.concursoalhambra.com will receive the instructions for sending the video and he/she could attach the download link.

The video will be original and unpublished, recorded exclusively for the 15th CIGA Edition, and must meet the following requirements:


  • It must be without cuts and without interruptions.


  • The contestant must announce in the video before his/her performance, his/her name, the day of recording the video, the reason for the recording (Alhambra international guitar competition 2022) and the piece/s he/she will perform.


  • Videos which have had sound editing or manipulation will not be accepted.


  • The works to be performed in this round will be 1st: El Tango, de las Tres Piezas Españolas by Emilio Pujol (1886-1980), and 2nd: Un Estudio to choose from Doce Estudios by Heitor Villalobos (1887-1959).


  • The deadline for submission is on April 29th 2022 at 23.59 CET.


Hotel accommodation will be given by Manufacturas Alhambra S.L. to all those guitarists who pass the first round, in a Hotel close to the Competition,  from 8th June to 12th June 2022, and they will be invited to the Closing diner, which will be held on Saturday 11th June.



9.SECOND ROUND (Semifinal). It will take place on June 9th (both morning and afternoon sessions) at José Roca hall at Conservatorio Municipal de Música José Iturbi.

Successful contestants will perform, according to the established order in the public draw, the compulsory work: Fantasía Les Adieux op. 21, de Fernando Sor (1778-1839) and works from different styles, for a maximum duration of 30 minutes. The contestants must hand to the Organization three copies of each of free choice works.


10.FINAL ROUND (Final). After the second round, the jury will select and announce the finalists who will perform in the Final round on June 10th at 06.00 P.M. at José Roca Hall at Conservatorio Municipal de Música José Iturbi, according to the established order.

Finalists will perform in the final round the compulsory work: Rondeña by Regino Sainz de la Maza (1897-1987) and works from different styles.


Contestants can opt for “Alhambra prize to the new Spanish music composition” if they perform, in this final round, the new work El manantial by composer Lorenzo Palomo (1938), specially commissioned for this new edition. This work will be available to be downloaded on the website www.concursoalhambra.com in January 2022. In addition, you can write to isabel@pilesmusic.net and ask for it.


The whole duration of this round must not exceed 35 minutes. Three copies of the scores of all free choice works should be handed to the Organization by the contestants prior their performances.

After jury's deliberation, the winners will be announced. The prize-giving will be held the next day in the Closing Ceremony.

  1. CLOSING AND PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY. It will take place on Saturday 11th June at Salón de Actos del Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia (Plaza del Ayuntamiento, nº 18).

The First prize winner will perform some works at the end of this Ceremony. Attendance at the Closing and Prize-Giving Ceremony is compulsory for all the finalists. Non-attendance means the loss of the prize.

The required dress code for this Ceremony is formal.

12.Application forms for the competition must be sent through our website:



For further technical questions, please contact: direccion@concursoalhambra.com


13.The deadline for the receipt of these is on April 29th 2022.




First Prize, Alhambra Guitars International Prize:

            -14.000 euros cash prize

            -CD recording by Naxos


The first prize winner will sign away any phonographic rights derived from this subject in order to record the CD. In addition, the winner accepts to record this CD with an Alhambra guitar which will be chosen by the winner and given by Alhambra. It is also compulsory to record the new work “El manantial” by composer Lorenzo Palomo. The winner will record the CD within the following six months after the competition.


  • One concert sponsored by Manufacturas Alhambra with a total fee of 1.000 euros.
  • Exclusive agreement of artistic diffusion sponsored by Manufacturas Alhambra.

Second Prize:

            - 3.500 euros cash prize

     - Scholarship for the Máster de Guitarra de Alicante 2023 to attend as an active student. The scholarship is only valid for the 2023 edition. If it was not possible to attend, the benefit of the Scholarship would be lost.   

Third Prize:


- 2.500 euros cash prize


Alhambra’s prize for the new Spanish Music Composition:

  • 2.500 euros cash prize

            Finalists will be able to win this prize if they include in their repertory in the final round the work El manantial by composer Lorenzo Palomo. Mainly, the jury will take into account the performance of this new work.


Audience prize:

  • 1.000 euros cash prize


            -Accreditation Diploma


Concerts performed by the winners may be recorded and published in any format, including social networks and Alhambra’s websites. The winners sign away the rights that are derived from this subject.


            *Prizes are subjected to Spanish tax regulations in force. Contestants must provide an oficial ID card document or Passport. Prizes will be paid the first working day after the contest by bank transfer. It will be essential that contestants facilitate the Organization the bank details and all the necessary documentation by e-mail to direccion@concursoalhambra.com

15. Prizes can be shared except Alhambra’s prize to the new Spanish music composition. The jury may decide not to award any of them.


16. The hours of the competition may be modified by the jury.


17. It is understood that contestants automatically accept the rules of the competition as well as the jury’s decision just for signing up for this competition.


18. The Organization does not accept liability for any harm caused or suffered by contestants to the celebration of the Competition.


19. A compulsory entry fee of 50 euros must be transferred to the following account number and the the proof of payment must be attached in the registration form in the web www.concursoalhambra.com:


IBAN: ES95 0049 6659 0922 1618 9385

Banco Santander S.A.

                        Pz. Luceros, 1

                        E-03001 Alicante (España)

                        BIC: BSCHESMM


20. For any doubts or additional questions, please contact to direccion@concursoalhambra.com